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Michal Raitmajer

viola da gamba, violoncello 

He took up cello as a six-year-old, at Jaroslav Kvapil Primary Art School in Brno, in the class of Václav Horák. At the age of eleven, he started to attend Pavel Křížkovský Gymnasium , a school with expanded arts curriculum, where he pursued his cello training, followed by studies at the Brno Conservatory and his current study of historical cello with Marek Štryncl, at the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts.

To this day, he has frequented a number of cello and viola da gamba master classes and historically informed interpretation  courses given by leading artists and educators, including Michael Brüssing (Austria),  Libor Mašek, Petr Wagner, Marek Štryncl, Johannes Boer (Netherlands), Josetxu Obregón (Spain), Jiří Bárta, Václav Luks (Czech Republic), Jörg-Andreas Bötticher, and others.

As  a chamber player, he has worked with many noted ensembles and orchestras, including among others Collegium Marianum, Musica Florea, Czech Ensemble Baroque, Ensemble Inégal, Il Cuore Barocco, or Capella Regia Praga.

His other collaborations have included work with internationally renowned soloists, such as Barbara Maria Will, Hana Blažíková, Dagmar Šašková, Kateřina Kněžíková, Adam Plachetka, Roman Hoza, Jana Semerádová, Lenka Torgersen, Ján Prievozník and László Borsódy.

Apart  from his artistic career, he has been active as an educator at Pavel Křížkovský Gymnasium where he teaches cello and viola da gamba.

Terezie Fialová