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Viktor Darebný


Viktor Darebný made his first steps in learning organ with Michal Hanuš. While in his final year at Jiří Orten Gymnasium, he added to his secondary-school curriculum the study of organ at the Pardubice Conservatory, in the class of Prof. Josef Rafaja from which he graduated in 2017.

From October 2017 he furthered his schooling in the class of Sen. Lect. Pavel Černý at the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Prague, in 2020 joining the class of Prof. Jaroslav Tůma.

He is currently also corepetiteur of the Tyl Teachers Choir in Kutná Hora, the oldest active choral ensemble in this country (since 1846). He regularly appears in solo recitals as well as a corepetiteur and orchestra player with various ensembles and soloists (e.g., the Prague Symphony Orchestra, and the Pardubice Chamber Philharmonic). Since 2009 he has held the combined posts of organist and choir director of the Parish of Kutná Hora (Church of St Barbara, St James´s Church and others).

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