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Terezie Fialová

Helena Jiříkovská

Czech Republic


Helena Jiříkovská started to play the violin at the age of four. During her studies in Pilsen, Prague, Berlin and her participation in several master classes she worked with and under the guidance of great artists, such as Jindřiška Holotová, Jiří Tomášek, Jan Tomeš, Eduard Gratch, Alberto Lysy, Isaac Stern, Yehudi Menuhin and Jacques Ghestem.

Helena Jiříkovská has performed in the Czech Republic, in several European countries – including Germany, Holland, France and Spain  and also in Japan, Morocco, Canada, etc. and has given masterclasses in Japan. As a soloist she is frequently invited to join many Czech orchestras and in March 2000 she performed Beethoven‘s Triple Concerto with the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra. She has made a number of recordings for Czech Radio.

As concertmaster of the Talich Chamber Orchestra, she has collaborated with many fine artists such as Josef Suk, Charles Mackeras and Shlomo Mintz. She also cooperates with the Berlin Chamber Orchestra and, since 2001, has been a member of the Janáček Piano Trio.

In 2008 Helena Jiříkovská became the new Škampa Quartet leader.