IMF Kutná Hora 2017

Josef Somr

Jiří Bárta

Josef Somr

Czech Republic


will read excerpts from Janáček´s extensive correspondence, with pianist Terezie Fialová backing him in the role of his Muse. Josef Somr is a notable Czech actor, graduate of the Janáček Academy of Music and Drama in Brno. The many artistic
commitments lining his career have included work with this country´s major theatres (National Theatre, Činoherní klub and Viola in Prague, among others). His inimitable, pleasantly hued voice has brightened up more than a few radio and television productions. Josef Somr´s achievement in acting has earned him a number of prestigious distinctions, including the Thálie Award for the leading role in a production of Donald N. Coburn´s The Gin Game (2001), the Czech President´s Medal of Merit for lifelong achievement (2005), Czech Lion Award for outstanding contribution to Czech film (2012), Thálie Award for lifelong stage mastery (2014), and others.