MFKH 2016
Škampovo kvarteto

Škampa Quartet

Czech Republic

The Škampa Quartet ranks among the very finest Czech string quartets of our time. It has represented this country in major concert halls around the world for the last twenty-five years. Under the guidance of their mentors, members of the legendary Smetana Quartet, they have traced their roots back to the earliest quartet ensembles – including the likes of the Bohemian Quartet – active in the country widely known in the 18th century as the Conservatoire of Europe and still today respected as the cradle of European chamber music. The Škampa quartet members have combined this element of musical heritage with their own search of an individual creative idiom projecting their understanding of the folksong s and poetry, rhythms and dance forms from which was born the music of their native land, to achieve results that have earned their recordings of the quartets by Janáček and Smetana in particular as benchmarks for all other readings. These pursuits have also resulted in, among other things, the production of an original project entitled ‘Janáček and his Moravian Roots’,- and led to collaboration with the singer, Iva Bittová, which has successfully crossed many musical boundaries.

Helena Jiříkovská – violin
Adéla Štajnochrová – violin
Martin Stupnka – viola
Lukáš Polák – cello