IMF Kutná Hora 2017

12th IMF KH programme – 1st concert

Saturday / June 1 / 9 p.m. / Corpus Christi Chapel


Gabriela Vermelho & GaRe


Folk, classical, or fusion? After last year´s success, Gabriela is coming back to Kutná Hora with a new project, and with the ensemble GaRe.


GaRe: Gabriela Vermelho – vocal, violin, composer…, Michael Nosek – percussion, Matěj Štěpánek – cello, Jakub Jedlinský – accordion

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After her successful debut at last year´s Festival, multitalented musician Gabriela Vermelho, accompanied by her band, GaRe, is coming back to Kutná Hora. She herself refers to her kind of fusion music as “post-Weillian bangabaret”. “It´s something entirely new, a form that´s never been around before,” says the singer, violin, five-string violin (quinton) and viola player, and composer of highly individual incidental and ballet music. Her programme, GaBaRet, is based on texts by poet Jan Velíšek. Using original settings of his unorthodox verse, it draws on the renewed popularity of the cabaret genre. To some it may evoke reminiscences of rock musician Vladimír Mišík, while others will perhaps tend to relate it to the work of Slovak singer-songwriter Katarína Máliková.

GaRe perform in the combination of voice, five-string violin, accordion, bandoneon, cello, drums and percussion. The group´s lineup consists of Gabriela Vermelho, Jakub Jedlinský, Matěj Štěpánek and Michael Nosek. In 2013 they made their debut album entitled GaBaRet, and are currently busy preparing its follow-up.

A graduate of the Faculty of Music, Ostrava University, Gabriela Vermelho creates music transcending boundaries of genre, sources of inspiration and modes of expression. She is an outstanding solo, chamber and orchestra player, and a singer equally at home in the domains of jazz, rock, cabaret songs, and contemporary classical music. She has to her credit a gallery of inimitable creations on the stage of Brno´s Husa na provázku theatre. One of them, Eva the Witch, in the company´s production of the play Balada pro banditu (Outlaw Ballad), earned her the coveted Alfréd Radok Award. Apart from guest appearing with various orchestras, Gabriela is the leader of an unconventional women´s string quartet, Gadrew Way, where she combines her part as first violin with singing. Beyond that she has been a long-time protagonist of the alternative band, Maraca. She also makes frequent genre-defying solo appearances in which she blends vocals with quinton and violin playing.

Dita Hradecká / translation: Ivan Vomáčka