IMF Kutná Hora 2017

Tuesday / August 25 / 7:30 p.m. / Church of St. Barbara



Leoš Janáček: In the Mists, Piano Cycle

Antonín Dvořák: Twilight Way, In the Old Castle, Goblins’ Dance

Josef Suk: Spring, Piano CycleOp22a

Igor Ardašev – piano


Ludwig van Beethoven: Trio for Piano, Violin and Cello in B flat major, Op. 97

Igor Ardašev – piano, Roman Patočka – violin, Jiří Bárta – cello

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The title may seem to suggest Impressionist echoes: In the Mists… And yet, this Janáček cycle of four pieces has nothing at all in common with the kind of tone painting known from Debussy. The contours of Janáček´s tonal brushwork are much rather defined by an unbridled energy which initially smoulders under the surface, only to be unleashed to its full force in the middle parts of these compositions.

Antonín Dvořák´s Poetic Tone Pictures brings to attention the fact that Czech music´s most illustrious symphonist and composer of large-scale oratorios was equally generously endowed with a fine feeling for detail.

Josef Suk gave a superbly accomplished  proof of his capacity to translate his youthful yearnings, lyrical talent and passion into music in the cycle of miniatures entitled Spring. Four of its five individual parts bear the titles Spring; Tender Breeze; Expectation/Andante; and Yearning, with the penultimate number being left without a name, leaving it up to the listener to guess its content.

The format of piano trio proved to enjoy a place of special relevance among the multitude of genres he delved into. In his penultimate work for this combination, the Trio in B flat major, Op. 97, he summed up the development he had gone through since 1795 when he produced the three trios of his Opus No. 1. Here he once again engaged in a pioneering exploit. While in Haydn´s and Mozart´s trios the cello part is mostly accompanied by bass in the piano part for additional colour, Beethoven assigned it a voice of its own, every bit as important and elaborate as those of its two partners.

sleeve-note: Dita Hradecká / translation: Ivan Vomáčka